Monday, January 4, 2021

Update for 2020

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

New Start: 2020

Near the end of 2018, market was taking a major dive.  All the paper gains, I previously held were diminishing before my eyes.  I panicked and sold off most of my holdings in my IB Margin account.  That proved to be my worst downfall to date.

For 2019, I was like a walking zombie literally as I had a young colicky baby who woke up every 2-3 hours each night and a rumbustious toddler to test my patience.  I was not active in the market at all.  I missed out on a stellar market rally.

Boohoo, this is my sad stock story.  But I am determined to start a fresh and get back into the swing of things.  My RRSP (27.64%) and TFSA (38.07%) has been growing steadily as I have left most of my stocks alone.  IB Margin (-32.85%) is in the negative (OUCH) as I have withdrawn cash to fund other commitments.

Could 2020 be a record year again?  Or could it deflate again and I can catch my footing again?

Time will only tell.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

BOUGHT 1 $MSFT Jan18'19 110 CALL @ 5.88

My IB portfolio has been pretty volatile from day to day since the beginning of October.  One day gains have been wiped out by the next day or two.  I shouldn't be looking that closely to it.  I haven't really adjusted any of my short PUT options, but some are ITM like short 2 PUT on $TD.TO.  I wouldn't mind getting assigned and selling covered calls on them.  But of course, I would be buying them at almost 52 weeks highs.

I need to be more active in the markets to make more money.  Usually, I sit on the sidelines just watching... yesterday, I was very well tempted with making a play for $NFLX earnings.  But of course, I hesitated and didn't make an option play. 

Today, I am itching for a play.  A play that hopefully will double my money.  I bought a long CALL on $MSFT before their earnings on October 24th.  Hopefully, my bet will be a good one and I can reap some rewards in it.  Of course, I usually sell prematurely on my CALL plays... I hate losing my premiums and want to lock in my gains.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

ACB.TO & APH.TO down today, Oct 16, 2018

This may be done prematurely as I currently have PUTS expiring on both stocks for Oct 19, 2018, but they are OTM for now.

 ACB.TO & APH.TO were down today.  So I decided to sell some more PUTS on them.

SOLD 2 APH TSE Nov16'18 13 PUT @ 0.5
SOLD 3 ACB TSE Nov16'18 9.5 PUT @ 0.4

Friday, October 12, 2018

Massive Sell Off - Oct 10-11, 2018

Market correction in its wake?  What a roller coaster ride October has been.  I sold a few out of the money PUTS just before the massive sell off when I should have bought PUTS, but I didn't see it coming.  Currently, I am still holding all my short PUTS.  A lot of them are underwater right now deep in red.  I am hoping today is the start of the market rebounding.  But we could see more red days than not in the coming weeks or months perhaps?  

Oct 3rd, I reached my all time highs in my IB portfolio of $205k!  I am very heavily weighted in US tech stocks particularly in $AAPL.  But the market decided to turn its ugly heads.  I know a lot of people took advantage of the drop by shorting stocks and long PUTS.  But I was stunned and I froze like always... I didn't watch the blood bath.  I only looked at my portfolio at the end of day and saw the big losses that had incurred.  Luckily, I have a lot of margin room to not get a margin call... and most of my short PUTS are expiring on Nov 21st.  

Current Option Plays as of Oct 12, 2018

TSE:APH$13.005 PUTOct 19$19.15$6.15-$0.55$24.75$6.31
TSE:ACB$10.002 PUTOct 19$13.55$3.55$0.93$15.20$2.65
TSE:TD$77.502 PUTOct 26$74.15-$3.35$0.04$80.05$69.21
NVDA$242.50PUTOct 26$246.61$4.11$11.47$292.76$180.58
TSE:DOL$38.00PUTNov 16$38.45$0.45$0.45$56.67$36.70
FB$150.00PUTNov 16$153.46$3.46$0.10$218.62$149.02
MA$200.00PUTNov 16$203.75$3.75$9.27$225.35$140.61
TSLA$100.003 PUTNov 16$257.87$157.87$5.64$387.46$244.59
SQ$65.001 PUTNov 16$74.21$9.21$5.13$101.15$31.44
LMT$345.00CALL Dec 21$327.51$17.49$1.38$363.00$291.52
AAPL$215.00CALLFeb 15 '19$221.31-$6.31$6.86$233.47$150.24

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

SOLD 1 $DOL.TO Nov16'18 38 PUT @ 0.65

June 30th 3:1 split to $52.86/share

Today's trade:  Oct 3, 2018
DOL.TO trading at $39.74 per share
Premium collected $65 CAD minus $1.50 commission fee.

If DOL.TO is trading below $38.00 per share, I will be assigned 100 shares with an average price of $37.35 per share.  If DOL.TO is trading above $38.00 per share, I will pocket 1.71% from this trade. 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Trades on Sept 24th-28th

Trade on Sept 24th
SOLD 1 NVDA Oct26'18 242.5 PUT @ 2.53

Trade on Sept 28th
SOLD 1 FB Nov16'18 150 PUT @ 2.18
SOLD 2 TD TSE Oct26'18 77.5 PUT @CDE @ 0.61
SOLD 3 TSLA Nov16'18 100 PUT @ 1.34

I've been busy at work lately, but I managed to sneak in some trades during my morning work hours.  I always seem to miss the boat on $NVDA.  Friday, it jumped 5%... at least I sold a PUT for some premium earlier in the week.  Now, it's way OTM.  

Thursday night, I noticed that Elon Musk was being sued by the SEC over an alleged Tweet on going private.  Shares took a tumble on Friday by 13.9%... I took this opportunity to sell very safe OTM puts on $TSLA.  Looks like Elon Musk pulled a quick settlement by paying the SEC $40 million dollars and stepping down as Chairman of Board but he will still remain CEO.  With this new, shares should jump back up after the initial scare and I should pocket an easy $402 in premiums within time.