Saturday, July 30, 2016

Update: Interactive Brokers July Performance

To be honest, 2016 started off to a very rocky start for my portfolio.  Since then, I have not been actively trading options as I had back in 2015.  I fell off the bandwagon and was discourage like any trader who watched their profits they worked so hard disappear within a short amount of time.  

I kept calm and held onto my positions.  Some positions have not recovered and some others have recovered in the past seven months. 

It's only this past month that my portfolio have really made the climb up.  Relatively speaking, I've been flat for the 2016 at 0.91% gain before this month.  

With markets at all time highs, I am doubtful this surge will last for the rest of the year.  I need to re-evaluate my whole portfolio and positions to take some profits off the table before it all disperse again.  

Big changes are going to happen to my life with a little one on the way so I'll be putting trading on the back burner till I get a hold of my routine.

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