Friday, June 2, 2017

Expiring Options for May 26, 2017

Delayed blog post due to week long vacation in Toronto.  No positions expiring today, I did have two short puts on $IWM that I closed a week ago for a small profit.  If I had left them alone, it would have expired worthless... damn, that's like $160 left off the table.  Better safe than sorry.  

For May 26th, all my Bull Put Spreads expired worthless, ka-ching!  $AAPL and $FB were opened just the day before the May 17th dip and it gave me a run for my money.  Luckily, the market rebounded along with $AAPL and $FB.  $COST was opened just three days before expiration on a earnings play that I didn't realize till after the trade.  I do trade on a whim where ever the wind blows.  I have no strategy... maybe I'm just lucky.  

But my covered call for $TD.TO was in the money, so I had to say goodbye to my shares in which I was assigned just a couple weeks back.  Today, I sold another short put on $TD.TO plus $RY.TO.  I had a bid in yesterday, but my asking did not get filled and unfortunately, the two banks went up further so the premiums I collected today was lower than what I wanted originally.

All in all, I realized $681 on May 26th.  I am trading a little bit more aggressively these days with tighter spreads and closer to the market price of the stocks.  These are not recommendations by any means, just an overview of the way I trade.  

OptionAccounts (Position)
AAPL 26MAY2017 150 P-217(7)
AAPL 26MAY2017 152.5 P476(-7)
COST 26MAY2017 162.5 P-288(5)
COST 26MAY2017 167.5 P495(-5)
FB 26MAY2017 144 P-93(5)
FB 26MAY2017 147 P263(-5)
TD 26MAY2017 64 C30(-1)
WMT 26MAY2017 77.5 P15(-1
Today, I took a couple of losses.  My covered call for $V (Sept expiry) was in the money and I decided to close my option for a loss (2.31-4.05) $174.  I have other options on $V to make up for the loss.  My iron condor for $NFLX became a problem as my call side was in the money after a jump in today's price.  Only a couple days ago, I wanted to close with a small profit, but my bid did not fill sometimes, I should not nickle and dime everything!  With the bullish market, I'm afraid $NFLX will continue over my short call and blow past it making my calls go further into the red.  I closed my options for a loss (2.58-3.60) $102.  

Time for me to open up other options to make up for my losses.  Maybe, I am being a wuss for closing these calls too early.. only time will tell when it rears its ugly head. 

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