Friday, July 10, 2015

McDonald's Minions are Back!

The super popular Minions are back at McDonald's.  @ $2 per toy or $3.99 per Happy Meal (They raised their prices to $4.19!)... it's a great deal and treat to you or your kids.  

Each Minion talks when you shake them.  By talking, I mean gibberish! Nevertheless, super cute!

Last Friday, my coworker went and got me the Tall Minion and Short Minion during lunch.  On Sunday, I went to my neighborhood MCD to pick up Mr. Guitar Minion.  

This week, it was my turn to return the favour to pick up lunch for my coworker.  Unfortunately, the MCD near work ran out of Minions!  I walked away with Barbie toys instead... but apparently, I can exchange them for Minions if they are unopened!  

Very disappointing that I couldn't get any Minions today!!  

Two summers ago, I collected them all and for my cousin in Asia.  This summer, I'm helping my cousin to collect.  Nine more to go...I hope others don't beat me to them!

Lately, I've been a little tired of blogging about my options trades.  No one really cares, except for me.  So I'll be blogging more about general stuff for fun and to keep my creative juices flowing!


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